Låsbyvej 103, 8660 Skanderborg

Klärke Hostel offers not only unique surroundings in nature. Our classroom / activity room forms the framework for many different activities, due to the size, layout and content of the room.

Should you arrange a party and have guests for dining, can accommodate up to 40 people in the room.

Acoustics in the room also make it a pleasant experience.

  • 65 m2 large and well-functioning local
  • Optimum sound insulation, so unnecessary noise in many people is as minimal as possible.
  • Free wireless internet.
  • Large 50 inch flat panel display with PC / iPad / Tablet connection. A well-functioning sound system and speakers.
  • A large portable whiteboard
  • Sofa Environment
  • Large adjacent terrace.
Klærke Hostel