Låsbyvej 103, 8660 Skanderborg

Klærke Hostel is a family-run resort started in 2005 by Ole Klærke. Since then, son and daughter-in-law, Jakob and Pernille have been involved in the operation, so now there are three generations of the Klærke family living on the property.

When we describe our place, there are three words that are very important:
Hospitality, spacious and cozy surroundings as well as good service.

We place great emphasis on having a good and welcoming contact with our guests, and are happy to help guide you to the surrounding area or further away. We try as far as possible to create the ideal and scenic setting for a wonderful experience with us, whether it is a one night stay, one week stay, SmukFest or an extended weekend for larger families are all welcome.

Klærke Hostel